Would you get married at the same time as buying a new home?

The decision to get married at the same time as buying a new home is likely to result in a lot of anxiety and hard work before your plans and dreams are realised so when, along the way, you are suddenly let down by someone you’d turned to for help, it can be devastating.

Luckily for Sarah Turner, from Prestwood, Embrace Financial Services were able to ‘save the day’ and now married and settled in her new home, Sarah explains what happened.

Customer case study Sarah Turner

"We got a much better rate than we ever thought we would - it's been wonderful"

 “It was on the advice of my parents that my fiancée, Michael, and I decided to use a Financial Consultant they’d heard about to help us buy a property and, with the wedding coming up, it was one less thing to worry about.  We needed as much help as we could, and quickly.

We’d seen the house we wanted so promptly provided all the information that the Financial Consultant and lender had asked us for but it was then, after some weeks of waiting, we received the heart-breaking news that the lender had declined the application – although we didn’t know why.

We were suddenly faced with the threat of losing the family home we’d set our hearts on and felt that, with the wedding fast approaching, we were simply running out of time. Its then, on the recommendation of our estate agent, we turned to Embrace Financial Services for help. I’m so glad we did.

Sara Donati became our ‘much needed’ Financial Consultant and we soon started making comparisons with the previous one we’d used, realising we knew very little of what he’d done to help us.  We had no idea what mortgage product he’d applied for, on our behalf, or why it would be suitable for us, there had been very little communication after our initial appointment and then minimal support after we’d had our mortgage application declined.

With time against us Sara quickly set about resolving the situation and, thankfully, soon discovered that one of the reasons our original application had been unsuccessful was because the chosen lender would not take into account the income I receive from my second job - yet it was vital that this was included.

Sara immediately started looking at lenders who would be more accepting of my income, as a whole, and thanks to her perseverance, within just weeks, secured a mortgage for us - and at a far better mortgage rate than we had ever hoped for. We were finally able to buy our new home.

I can’t thank Sara enough for the help and support she gave us and for relieving us of so much worry – especially at a time when we had so much else on our minds.

She’s been trustworthy, helpful - and simply wonderful - and, based on this, I’d definitely recommend Embrace Financial Services to anyone looking to secure a mortgage. We’re now happily married and settled in our home and that’s thanks, in part, to Sara.”

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