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Selling and buying a property is stressful enough but when there’s other important family factors to consider it’s even more heart breaking to hear, one month after putting an offer in for a new property, that your broker hasn’t secured a mortgage for you and you risk being unable to buy. It’s what happened to Becca Vines from Maidstone who then turned to Embrace Financial Services for help:

Customer case study Becca Vines

"I’m so grateful for the support of Natalie and pleased that we turned to Embrace Financial Services for help"

“I was selling and buying a property last year and had originally been recommended to use a broker, and a particular financial advisor, by our accountant. Unfortunately the specific financial advisor was not available and their colleague offered to work with us instead - we soon realised this may be a problem.

His attitude was quite negative and there were long delays in him getting back to us with information or with answers to questions we raised. At no point, however, did we think that there’d be a problem in getting a mortgage until four weeks after we’d put an offer in for a property. It was then that we got the call from him to say “there was no way we’d get a mortgage and actually if we were setting out to buy our existing property, it would be impossible.”  We were devastated.

The stress of moving is hard enough but we’d got the additional consideration of our son who is autistic and who we’d work hard to reassure about our move and about the house we’d put an offer in for. To hear that the purchase was at risk, and potentially our sale, was heart breaking and we didn’t know what to do then, thankfully, a friend recommended Natalie Carter and Embrace Financial Services.

From the moment we spoke with Natalie we were put at ease. She was professional, positive and reassuring and immediately understood our concerns and took action. There was simply no messing about.

Natalie kept us informed of progress, answered any questions really quickly and knowing how anxious we were about getting a mortgage let us know, despite being on holiday herself, that the lender had reached a positive decision. It was two days before Christmas and from that very moment it was like having a massive weight taken off my shoulders. We knew then that we could go ahead with the house purchase we’d been planning, and preparing for as a family, for months - just eight weeks later we moved in to our new home.

I’m so grateful for the support of Natalie and pleased that we turned to Embrace Financial Services for help. Clearly if this is an example of the kind of financial consultants they have, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone trying to find a mortgage or remortgage or who are perhaps struggling with the existing advisor they have. I’m just so glad we turned to them for help.”

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