Embrace Financial Services is passionate about giving back to its local communities, whether through charitable work, sponsorship or working with local schools.

Our team are passionate about making a difference and are involved in a number of activities through their relationship with Embrace Financial Service as well as in their personal life. 

This year we have raised almost £30,000 from our activities. Find out more in the links below:

Agents Giving Awards 2018

Read about the amazing award we won at the 2018 Agents Giving Awards

Agents Giving Awards 2017

Find out how we won the award for 'Best Industry Supplier of the Year'

Bags for the homeless

Read about our help to giving back to the homeless

Muddy Dog Challenge

Find out what the Muddy Dog Challenge and how much we raised for Agents Giving

Summer Conference & Launchpad

Read about how many rucksacks we filled when we donated to Launchpad

Paddling for Agents Giving

Read about how much we raised for Agents Giving when we kayaked over 300 miles