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About Embrace Financial Services

We're Convenient

Our experienced Financial Advisers are here to make getting a mortgage easy and fast. In as little as 30 minutes, we can provide you with the assurance of knowing your potential borrowing capacity - meaning less paperwork, no time-consuming comparison shopping across lenders and more clarity on what's needed for initial applications. Let us take away any hassle.

We're Helpful

Searching for the best financial advice can be a daunting process, but don't worry - Embrace Financial Services is here to help! Our experienced advisers provide friendly and approachable guidance with everything you need. Plus, your first appointment comes at no cost. We'll tell you exactly what documents are needed in order to prepare for the second visit - like how many months of bank statements or required identification- as well taking care of all associated paperwork making it stress free on your end. Let us make this journey as simple and enjoyable experience that works towards achieving desired outcomes.

We're Personalised

With so many mortgage lenders in the UK, it can be a tough challenge to find the right one for you. The good news is that our financial advisors are here to help! They have access to thousands of mortgages from various providers and will take into account your individual circumstances when finding something suitable – giving you peace of mind while making sure you get best value on offer.

We'll support you the whole way

We want you to enjoy your mortgage journey, and we'll be here for every step!  Our experienced advisors are ready with patient advice; nothing is ever too much trouble. Whether it's budgeting tips or liaising between parties involved in the purchase, our aim is to help make everything easier so that you can look forward confidently into this next chapter of life.

We'll stay in touch afterwards

After reviewing your mortgage, we'll check if you're getting the best deal. We’ll make sure that whatever product suits you contains great value - and stay in touch to give you updates on potential opportunities!

Your initial mortgage appointment is without obligation. We normally charge a fee for our services; however, it is payable only on the submission of your mortgage application. The fee will depend on your circumstances but our standard fee is £549. Complex cases usually attract a higher fee. We will discuss and agree the fee with you prior to submitting any mortgage application.

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Becca had been told she didn’t have a chance of getting a mortgage


Sarah risked losing her dream home because an original mortgage application was declined.

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