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What could life throw at you?


If you were unable to work, how would you pay the rent?

  • The average cost of rent or mortgage payments for a family is £508 per month1.
  • The average monthly household spend on food and utilities is £1,035 per month1.
  • The average family savings pot £3,494. How long would this cover your expenditure?1.
  • Have you checked to see what assistance might be available to you?
  • Statutory sick pay is currently £109.40 a week. If you weren’t eligible for other assistance, would this cover your outgoings?2

Did you know?

76% of parents have no financial plan for dealing with lost income due to ill health.3


If you’re renting a home, make sure you don’t put it at risk.

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Protect your home and your loved ones

Don't let serious illness, stress, injury or death let you or your loved ones lose your home. 

Critical illness insurance

  • Is designed to pay a lump sum or a regular income if you are diagnosed with a ‘critical illness’, as specified in the policy terms and conditions.
  • The lump sum or regular income can be used towards meeting your rent and bills or could cover the costs of any additional medical requirements you may have.
  • You can take the time needed to recuperate fully without the anxiety of worrying about money.

Income protection insurance

  • Is designed to replace a proportion of the income you lose if you cannot work due to sickness, stress or accidental injury.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a protection product that can provide your family or dependents with a lump sum if you were to die during the policy term.

  • Help with rent or mortgage payments
  • Help repay your outstanding debts
  • Help maintain your family’s standard of living

Family income benefit

  • Family Income Benefit (FIB) is a type of life insurance. Policies run for a set period of time known as "the term". If you die within this period, the policy pays out a regular tax-free income until the end of the term. With traditional life insurance, a lump sum is paid out on death.

1AVIVA Family Finances Report, January 2018. 2GOV.UK, 2023. 3Aviva Protecting our Families Report, March 2017. 

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