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January 22nd 2020
First Home Fund for First Time Buyers
Calling all Scottish first time buyers. A new scheme called First Home Fund is now available to anybody who is a first time buyer in Scotland. First time buyers can get up to £25,000 to help you buy your first home. This scheme covers second hand properties and new builds too.
December 18th 2019
First time getting a mortgage? What you need to know
If you are in the market for you’re very first home after saving enough to put towards a mortgage deposit, the next step is to find out how much you can borrow.
December 17th 2019
Buy to Let mortgages for beginners
In this article we’ve included some great tips for getting into the buy to let market that we’re confident any first time landlord would benefit from.
December 12th 2019
Why use a Financial Adviser
Getting your first mortgage can be a daunting process – it is likely to be your biggest expense ever, it feels complicated with lots of information needed plus there are different types of products and many different deals from a huge number of lenders. So how are you meant to know if you’re getting the best mortgage for your budget?