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June 7th 2022
We have been shortlisted in the First Time Buyer Readers’ Awards 2022 for the ‘Best Provider to the First Time Buyer market’ category for the work we do to help first time home buyers to get onto the property ladder – and hoping, with our customer’s support, we might go on to win it.
August 16th 2021
At Embrace Financial Services we know some borrowers who have had their mortgage deal for some time yet feel trapped and unable to take advantage of new deals on offer - considering themselves mortgage prisoners.  Sometimes it’s for good reason but, at Embrace Financial Services (EFS), we’ll do our best to help you escape. 
April 6th 2021
As lockdown restrictions begin to ease its understandable why many buyers are flooding to the market eager to find a new home and who, in turn, are looking to find a mortgage to help them in buying one.  With such high demand for property (*), and time often being of the essence, we’ve been asked how long it takes to complete a mortgage application and when you should do it. Here we provide the answers.
April 5th 2021
In times gone by it was hard to secure a mortgage in your 50s for a term that extended beyond the state pension age of 60 or 65 with many lenders fearing that, post retirement, the borrower may find it hard to maintain their mortgage payments. Fast forward to 2021 and the world is a different place.
March 12th 2021
We’re delighted to report that Embrace Financial Services (EFS) has been shortlisted to win a 2021 Mortgage Award, one of the most sought after awards in the financial services industry.
March 5th 2021
Many people might think that they don’t need protection insurance and might question whether they, or their loved ones, would actually benefit from it.  Yet, as figures recently released to Embrace Financial Services (EFS) confirm, literally millions of pounds was paid out to families last year - many of whom gained the help of EFS in finding insurance and now, no doubt, are grateful they did.
March 3rd 2021
A new mortgage guarantee scheme has been announced by the government which offers the chance for buyers with a deposit of just 5% to purchase a property. Here we provide information and answer some questions you may have about it:
February 8th 2021
The Scottish Government has announced that, from 1 April 2021, it is to offer first time buyers a further £60 million to support them in buying property via its First Home Fund following its success last year.
January 20th 2021
Embrace Financial Services (EFS) has announced that, in light of the current crisis, it is providing extra training to its Financial Advisers, more recently in relation to Protection Insurance. The aim being to provide extra support in discussing a subject that, for many of their customers, may be hard to understand and easy to ignore.
January 7th 2021
Results from a recent national survey (*) have highlighted that literally hundreds of thousands of tenants in England and Wales could now be in rent arrears as a result of the current Covid-19 crisis.
January 4th 2021
For anyone thinking about buying a property the overriding questions are probably going to be whether you’ll be able to afford it and how much deposit you’ll need to pay.  Talking it over with family or friends, or even accessing an online budget planner, might help initially but there are also government schemes that could assist you. Here we provide a round-up of what’s on offer.
January 4th 2021
Embrace Financial Services (EFS) already has a great range of mortgage products and deals to choose from when helping customers to find a mortgage and yet, knowing that each and every customer has their own individual needs and requirements, it also knows the bigger the range it has, the more options become available. It’s for that reason that EFS is delighted to announce that three more lenders have joined its Lender Panel.