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January 1st 2021
Some might think that the chances of getting a mortgage if you are self-employed or a contractor, at the current time, are slim but that’s not necessarily the case. Many lenders, including many of the well-known ones, have a real appetite to help the self-employed, but, as Embrace Financial Services highlight, it’s all about being open and transparent with the information you provide and answering the questions the lenders may ask, for example:
December 11th 2020
The decision to get married at the same time as buying a new home is likely to result in a lot of anxiety and hard work before your plans and dreams are realised so when, along the way, you are suddenly let down by someone you’d turned to for help, it can be devastating. 
December 11th 2020
Selling and buying a property is stressful enough but when there’s other important family factors to consider it’s even more heart breaking to hear, one month after putting an offer in for a new property, that your broker hasn’t secured a mortgage for you and you risk being unable to buy.
November 25th 2020
At the start of 2020 few of us will have anticipated the upheaval and distress that this year would bring and for some, as it comes to an end, there’s continued uncertainty about their finances and, in particular, their mortgage repayments and how they can afford them in the future.
November 24th 2020
Whilst the current Covid-19 crisis continues to create uncertainty across the UK there’s been some more positive news for those looking to buy or sell a property with the government confirming that the housing market will remain open and that, importantly,  transactions should keep moving.
September 29th 2020
On the 8th July 2020 the Government announced a stamp duty holiday to support the economy through the COVID-19 pandemic. The stamp duty holiday lasts until the 31st March 2021.
September 29th 2020
For many the health and well-being of close family members is a top priority and events of recent months have probably led to an even greater appreciation of this. Questions about what will happen if you, or they, were to lose a job, fall ill, or even worse, die may often come to mind as well as the fear of not knowing what to do to minimise the impact.
September 28th 2020
In these unpredictable times personal finances may have come under the spotlight a little more than we’d anticipated at the start of the year and for some the carefree thoughts of holidays abroad, extravagant shopping trips or even a good night out with friends have been replaced with worries about whether you are making the best use of the money you still have and where further savings could be made.
September 28th 2020
The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home” and, for many, that’s certainly become true following the recent na...
January 22nd 2020
Calling all Scottish first time buyers. A new scheme called First Home Fund is now available to anybody who is a first time buyer in Scotland. First time buyers can get up to £25,000 to help you buy your first home. This scheme covers second hand properties and new builds too.
December 18th 2019
If you are in the market for you’re very first home after saving enough to put towards a mortgage deposit, the next step is to find out how much you can borrow.
December 17th 2019
In this article we’ve included some great tips for getting into the buy to let market that we’re confident any first time landlord would benefit from.