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March 5th 2021
Many people might think that they don’t need protection insurance and might question whether they, or their loved ones, would actually benefit from it.  Yet, as figures recently released to Embrace Financial Services (EFS) confirm, literally millions of pounds was paid out to families last year - many of whom gained the help of EFS in finding insurance and now, no doubt, are grateful they did.
January 20th 2021
Embrace Financial Services (EFS) has announced that, in light of the current crisis, it is providing extra training to its Financial Advisers, more recently in relation to Protection Insurance. The aim being to provide extra support in discussing a subject that, for many of their customers, may be hard to understand and easy to ignore.
September 29th 2020
For many the health and well-being of close family members is a top priority and events of recent months have probably led to an even greater appreciation of this. Questions about what will happen if you, or they, were to lose a job, fall ill, or even worse, die may often come to mind as well as the fear of not knowing what to do to minimise the impact.